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Now connect to your home, not just emotionally
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Home Security Solutions

Introducing a new sense of safety. Sync & Secure’s monitoring and alert service secures your home 24/7
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Enterprise Solutions

With larger operations come more responsibilities. Your business is a part of you, that’s why it’s worth protecting. Sync & Secure’s reliable enterprise solutions offer uninterrupted workflow saving both your time and money.
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S&S Hub

Infinite Devices. One Interface.
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Gain 360-degree visibility of your network infrastructure and prevent unauthorized access using Sync & Secure’s end-to-end network security solutions.

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Our Services

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Our home automation solutions and services allow users to stay connected to their home, beyond boundaries. It enables users to remotely connect, manage and control home appliances with one simple interface. Push notifications deliver real-time alerts to its users even without internet connectivity.

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Our services have been carefully designed keeping in mind the needs and limitations of the corporate sector. Sync & Secure enterprise solutions provide operational efficiency to maximize business productivity and are compatible with business of any kind, size or industry.



Sync & Secure’s Network Security is a smart investment that brings you a reliable network security infrastructure minimizing organizational risks and potential threats. Our network security carefully observes patterns, forecasts and generates alerts prior to any security breach.

Home Security & Automation Solutions

A home that travels with you. A home that knows your needs. It’s time for smart living.

We offer a holistic and seamlessly matched product variety that is compatible with any application area from stunning lighting to scheduled security system

Enterprise Solutions

Choose from a comprehensive variety of corporate solutions that are specially tailored for your business

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