Integrated Appliances Automation

Our comprehensive appliances management services provide you with the freedom to automate all of your home appliances, and control them right from your smart phone. S&S Hub, our intelligent mobile application learns instructions of appliances like television, air conditioner, microwave, water motor etc, giving you the power to manage them with a single user-friendly interface. Read more about Integrated Appliances Automation[…]

Temperature Alert

Everything is under control when you can get alerts for all your important notifications. Our temperature sensor can be placed in any climate sensitive area to ensure a stable setting. Instant notifications keep you in the loop whenever temperature rises from the configured threshold.

Door / Window Sensor

Our easy to install door/window sensors offer ultimate command over their use. Apart from their convenient installation procedure, they blend perfectly into any interior. These versatile sensors can be installed in all the critical places including bedroom doors, front/back doors, main gate, windows etc. You can monitor and track any changes in their current status Read more about Door / Window Sensor[…]

Smoke Sensor

This ultra-light and trusty device operates as an extra layer of personal security. When the alarm is triggered, the sensor signals the acoustic siren, instantly warning you of the threat. It connects to Wi-Fi for added protection, faster detection and smarter living. Its sleek design makes it ideal for flexible placement like walls, ceilings etc.

Water Leakage Sensor

Our resilient leakage sensor enables placement practically anywhere. No matter where you install it, its functionality is reliable enough to secure your well-being. The sensor keeps check of leakages and informs you about any unwanted water flow by sending an alert to your smartphone, so that you can take appropriate action.

Automated / Bio-Metric Door Locks

Give your residential security a boost with Sync & Secure’s Biometric Door Lock System. At budget-pleasing rates, acquire several benefits of our biometric lock system. These essential access control systems maintain secured access for specific individuals, ensuring that unauthorized people don’t get close to your valuables. Our biometric door lock system offers several unlocking and Read more about Automated / Bio-Metric Door Locks[…]

Surveillance System

Out of sight, Out of mind? Not Anymore! Our surveillance solutions give you a direct view of your home. “Out of sight, Out of mind”, doesn’t apply anymore, thanks to Sync & Secure’s surveillance solution. With intelligent video insight, our surveillance system offers multi-feature surveillance needed for a safe and secured home. Indoor and Outdoor Read more about Surveillance System[…]

Transforming Lives

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