What Makes Sync & Secure Unique?

Sync & Secure is a comprehensive IoT solutions provider offering scalable solutions to diverse segments. Our goal is to bring convenience to the lives of our customers so that they experience technology miracles every day. We indulge our clients with a holistic array of smart solutions, which enables them in utilizing the utmost advanced and inventive networked services, thus bringing the world to their fingertips.

Whether you are constructing, renovating or simply searching for new ideas to improve your home or office, we provide an extensive range of solutions to choose from. The aesthetics combined with the functionality of our modules create an impeccable resolution to everyday tasks.

Our clients are something we’re proud of, and therefore, Sync & Secure is always by your side with matchless after-sales services including monthly maintenance, on-call support, and premium warranty program.

Sync & Secure was founded with the vision of indulging home and enterprise customers with a holistic portfolio of automation, security and surveillance solutions that are custom tailored for unique customers with divergent needs and preferences.

Sync & Secure strives to bring IoT based solutions within the reach of every individual. Our aim is to bring technological solutions to a convenient and accessible platform that can be availed by anyone and everyone that is part of the technology community.

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