We help clients be more efficient by providing a more holistic view of their
enterprise, building or home operations

We aim to leverage one infrastructure to integrate all IoT-enabled systems, increasing our client’s visibility into
operations by providing a truly holistic view of data leading to analytics, optimization and learning.
We strive to widen our client’s lens on value-creation through high levels of efficiency and effectiveness, equipping them
with better controls in place to manage any and every operational need.

our dashboard offers

  • Alerts
  • Fault Reporting
  • Logs and Graphs
  • Real Time Control
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Settings Of Threshold and Data Points

Our Motivation

The tech-landscape of Pakistan has evolved rapidly in recent years and a new ecosystem of “Internet-of-Things” has gained momentum. Sync & Secure was founded with a commitment to industrial IoT, providing enterprises with a critical edge in reimagining their operations.
We support all innovative IoT solutions which hold the capacity to solve the existing inefficiencies at scale within the industrial, commercial and residential sectors of Pakistan. The opportunity we have is to build a secure, intelligent platform that improves the visibility into operations, ensures optimization of service operations and ultimately drives efficiency and sustainability.
We are bringing together technology and connectivity partners as well as powerful ecosystem participants to develop comprehensive end-to-end IoT solutions for the consumer and B2B market. We strive to bring cost-reductions by minimizing operational inefficiencies and maximizing performance.
Consult with us today to learn more about the connections and capabilities we can deliver.

IoT Center

RubiTron Labs (RTL) is a commercial outcome-driven research platform designed for students and fresh graduates to engage with latest IoT technologies, industrial IoT trends. RTL provides a research facility along with fundamental research tools to conduct research and contribute in real IoT projects being implemented in Pakistan.

This platform aims to transform the research process of IoT technology, and includes initiatives that allow students to explore how IoT technologies can be implemented in businesses which will improve business productivity and efficiency.

RTL research students can collect and connect information with a standardized research approach, employing data strategies, unbiased assessment of IoT products, testing of product samples, present findings plus recommendations as to whether to include the research product in the product/service portfolio and begin incubation.

Our Incubation Programme provides key performers of RTL the opportunity to showcase a bankable plan which, after successful authorization, will be carried forward into the project management process.

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