K-Electric dealt with unmonitored and uninhibited electric consumption of their buildings mainly due to the units being subsidized. Sync & Secure resolved their energy inefficiency issue by employing energy management solution encompassing automation of building lighting system and ACs with an inclusive feature of automatic switching based on absence or presence of employees.

This IoT solution surpassed the desired saving milestone of 7,300 electric units by automating a single building located at Elander Road.

Inefficient energy utilization and security issues were apparent within Shield Corporation’s offices. The company required an effective resolution to minimize operational expenses and reinforce security protocols. Sync & Secure’s customizable business automation and security solutions regulated their energy consumption and strengthened security.

These included Intelligent Lighting System and AC automation services throughout their datacentre and select cabins. This relieved their management from manual switching practices, and ensured energy competence. Elaborate security analytics like door open/close status brought vigilance.

As an IoT driven service provider, we developed an integrated IoT ecosystem within PharmEvo premises to curtail unnecessary energy consumption. Our energy conservation techniques employed in the office space comprised Smart Scheduling of lights and electrical equipment that were pre-programmed according to functional hours and occupancy status.

Climate control services in I.T. room allowed temperature-based commands to be executed in parallel to receiving real-time notifications in case of temperature fluctuations foreign to configured settings.

Bahria University was challenged with several concerns pertaining to energy and resource inadequacies such as over-metering of electricity and needless functioning of lights, ACs, computer hardware in classrooms, auditoriums, labs etc especially after closing and during holidays. S&S energy management solutions empowered the university to evolve itself into a “Smart Campus”.

Smart Lighting combined with Devices Automation, Lab Automation and Campus Security maximized resource efficiency while enhancing security standards. S&S time switches installed in Bahria University’s datacentres automated the process of AC switching and shifting according to campus schedule.

Sync & Secure delivered a lower energy footprint for Hascol who were considering to adopt a proactive energy conservation strategy to improve energy usage across their enterprise. Team S&S successfully deployed an extensive office automation system that optimized energy usage practices including smart scheduled and motion-based Intelligent Lighting and AC Automation in halls, corridors, cubicles, meeting/conference/directors’ rooms, cafeteria, masjid and restrooms.

Custom scenes add-on service was connected with pre-sets including meeting mode, presentation mode, all off mode etc.

The Harley Store puts security of its powerful cruisers front and center. Sync & Secure was able to play a pivotal role in this regard, providing enterprise security and surveillance solutions that met their security measures.

S&S Access Management controls visitation, tracks doors’ status and sends immediate notifications to store owner in case of any security breach.

Enterprise surveillance services with 24/7 monitoring facility and synchronized control of streaming camera recording provides the necessary vigilance needed for Harley’s business design.

Pakistan Energy Efficiency & Conservation Agency (PEECA)’s core competencies rely on efficiently utilizing energy resources to the maximum. Our team fulfilled the organization’s energy objective through deployment of energy management solutions comprising ACs Automation, Smart Fan Control inclusive of dimming facility, Intelligent Lighting System across their building floor. Traditional conference rooms were transformed into “Smart” conference rooms that changed appliances and lights status based on room occupancy and pre-configured routines.

Shell Pakistan actively sought viable techniques to curb inessential energy expenses pertaining to needless running of lights and appliances. Sync & Secure devised a customized energy management solution that would assist Shell in mitigating unnecessary energy consumption by fully automating their HQ. Motion-Based Smart Lighting facilitated the organization by switching lights off in case of vacancy. Appliances Automation reinforced energy management by a custom-fitted scene switch with presets configured according to business schedule.

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