Collection Box Monitoring System

Sync & Secure’s Collection Box Monitoring System is a smart interconnected payments collection system that monitors the money coming in at all times and counts it automatically.

The system incorporates sensors to any money collection box and provides users with accurate visibility into granular data points such as the total amount of money present and facilitates real-time monitoring of the current box capacity and box cap status.

Supporting fraud prevention, the Collection Box Monitoring System also integrates features of the General Surveillance System, adding a robust and remote layer of security to the box. It generates real-time alerts in case any abnormal detections, resolving core issues of theft and scamming in money collection systems. Our IoT-enabled Collection Box Monitoring System will also help identify when and which box cartridge needs to be replaced ensuring productive use of resources.

Get your money totaled without having to lift a finger!

Consult with us today and learn how you can connect better to your payments collection system with our Collection Box Monitoring System.


  • Real time Money Counter
  • Box Lid Status
  • Theft Alert
  • Real-Time fill level
  • Current Weight
  • Biometric Access
  • Backup Power
  • General Surveillance System
  • Monitoring on Mobile app and Dashboard
  • Centralized Dashboard for multiple boxes

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