Business Automation

Cut down on operating cost with S&S business automation solutions. By automating your business environment, you not only reduce your electricity consumption, but also save manpower. Sync & Secure’s business automation allows its clients to become truly efficient by utilizing their resources where actually needed.

Business Security

Protect your business’ inventory, supplies and equipment, property and employees. S&S business security solutions offer extended control to all kinds of businesses, equipped with safety and monitoring features. Custom tailored solutions empower you to choose the security system that fits best for your business.

Smart Surveillance

Get an inside view of your business with video record of visual incidents. S&S high performance IP based cameras are ideal for commercial use. With minimal wiring, that intelligently record any action based event by detecting motion and send email in real-time. Our consolidated surveillance system caters to all kinds of businesses.



Sync & Secure has developed a contemporary lighting solution by utilizing the most advanced automation technology. It makes sure that work-space lighting is truly optimized and efficient. Occupancy sensors control automatic switching of the entire lighting system including reception, hall area, corridors, conference rooms, restrooms etc. Timer function ensures that the lighting system is synced with the business hours, routinely switching them on and off.


Integrate your office electronics to create professional scenarios or control them individually for independent commands. Electronics like air- conditioners, computer hardware, water dispensers, photocopy machines, TVs can be scheduled according to business routines and agendas. With custom scenes and schedules once configured, there’s no need to delegate additional human resources to turn these devices off manually, every time. Save money, the smart way


Our dynamic AC & HVAC Automation is one of the highly coveted Energy Conservation Solutions, that automates commercial AC & HVAC systems and efficiently controls air-conditioning, heating and ventilation system of the entire building. It solves core issues of energy wastage by utilizing electricity consumption based on functional hours of the building; automatically switching off all AC & HVAC systems at closing time.

Solution Highlights

  • Smart Scheduling for efficient energy utilization according to business operating hours
  • Switches itself on during human presence and off in absence of human movement
  • Automatically turns off during peak hours and closing time
  • High compatibility with different brand technologies
  • Monitoring and controlling feature through S&S Dashboard and S&S Hub mobile app

Industry Customer Value

  • Energy Conservation up-to 30%
  • Radically scales down utility bills
  • High Efficiency
  • Improved Resource Utilization
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Our Machine Visual Monitoring Solution allows industrial like CNC machine operators to read and analyze on the basis of visual signals being produced by the machines. 

Camera instilled in the solution design observes status of the above-mentioned lights and calculates time interval, concentrating on idle state of machine. The data analytics are synchronized with a web dashboard and can be conveniently viewed inclusive of log generation (power, idle and working state). The dashboard displays push notifications and alarms as per present value configured by the production manager.

Solution Features

  • Based on Visual Signal/Image processing – No machine integration required.
  • Programmable for any visual signal.
  • Calculates Machine Running/Idle/Down time.
  • Displays camera status and exact time intervals (Idle/Running/Power Failure etc.)
  • Low response time.
  • Online power shifting from AC Main to Battery source.
  • Self-Startup after power failure.
  • System Status – In case of Wi-Fi/Power failure
  • Offline database in case of internet failure.
  • Highlights activity of all machine on Main Page.


Industry Customer Value

  • Company can curb financial losses by achieving calculated target, save time leading to increased efficiency and as a result save energy resources.
  • Machine Activity Tracking – Total Working Hours, Idle State, Machine Malfunction.
  • Machine Operator Activity will be tracked. The production manager will be able to decipher whether the machine idle state is due to power failure or operator fault.
  • Through the calculation of working hours, we can resolve timely maintenance of machines.
  • If 1 machine saves 1-2 hour, this ensures 15 – 20% efficiency.
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With optimized lighting system and power-hungry devices automated, S&S business automation helps your company take on a cost-effective approach and make the most of electricity. While automation assists your business’ electricity consumption, S&S security supports to conserve water and gas. Any leakages are immediately detected through S&S smart sensors, allowing business administration to employ a proactive technique towards curbing unnecessary utility bills.

Our IoT enabled energy management solution helps in maximizing efficiency of resources, enabling them to realize 30% up-to 50%.

Our energy management solution transforms your enterprise to become more responsive, more intelligent and more cost efficient. Our clientele has experienced true energy efficiency with our intelligent IoT sensors that monitor and regulate energy consumption to maximize energy efficiency of organizational resources.


Quality climate control creates a huge impact on the business environment and professional setting. Climate control becomes increasingly imperative where customers come and go, associating a certain perspective and brand position with their outlet experience, enforcing pressure to provide a comfortable ambience. Climate automation and control assists by automatically adjusting the AC/Heater thermostat on the basis of configured temperature settings.

Majority of IT equipment failures are directly caused by inadequate temperature conditions. Sync & Secure’s Environment Monitoring is an essential solution for data centers, IT rooms and climate sensitive zones to keep company assets safe and secure.


Sync & Secure’s Smart Water Quality Monitoring system ensues safety of water and addresses issues of water quality problems and water contamination. With valuable analytics displayed on a centralized dashboard, it allows online water quality monitoring including measures of critical water quality parameters such as pH and TDS value. Real-time reporting identifies deviations in parameters and provides early warning identification of hazards.


The system consists of following sensors/modules:

  • pH monitoring
  • TDS monitoring
  • Notifications for all abnormal values


Benefits to the Customer

Smart water quality approaches can be considered by various water applications such as water distribution networks, water suppliers, agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment, hospitals etc.

    • Assured hygiene of consumable water supply
    • Identification of the right time to commence filtration maintenance
    • Monitors the quality of distributed water in overhead tanks
    • Assists farmers to improve irrigation practices and safeguard a high yield of healthy crops
    • Optimizes inspection processes thus reducing the need for manual interference
    • Use real-time water quality monitoring to ensure compliance is conformed as per imposed regulations

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Sync & Secure’s IoT based Genset and Fuel Monitoring System allows enterprise consumers to maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption of industrial-grade genset system. We enable genset systems with intelligent IoT sensors that monitor fuel status and alert in times of abnormality.

Solution Features

  1. Fuel Tank Level
  2. Fuel theft detection
  3. Genset door status
  4. Temperature alert
  5. Genset total running time
  6. Oil change alert (User defined)
  7. Maintenance alert (User defined)
  8. Battery backup
  9. Automatic battery charging via Genset

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Sync & Secure has formulated an intelligent solution dedicated to its contribution towards IoT (Internet of Things) Agriculture and Smart Farming practices. The solution is operated through an innovative mechanism of IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence), when deployed in application areas, allows users to obtain accurate, real-time knowledge of their fish farms.

Solution Features

  • Dissolved oxygen measurement in mg/L
  • pH monitoring on 0 – 14 scale – It also displays the water is Acidic or Basic
  • TDS monitoring in PPM on the scale of 0 – 1000 (Extend up to 20,000 – Depends on sensor)
  • Temperature measurement
  • Sensor status – Dip or Not Dip
  • Aerator Status – Start
  • All readings of sensors are displaying on dashboard header
  • Persistent offline notification – If system is down for 70 minutes (Data is relayed periodically, every 1 hour)
  • Notifications for all abnormal values.

Benefits to the Customer

  • Reduces vulnerability of the sector to the impacts of climate change
  • Shapes the sector’s resilience so that it can cope with the impacts climate variability
  • Increases production with an environmentally responsible approach
  • Monitors rapid interactions of pollutants and pathogens in aquatic environments being affected by various drivers of acidification and climate change
  • Improves well being and growth of the produce of fish farms in order to maintain healthy and productive stock that is then delivered for human consumption
  • Improves productivity and lowers cost of production.
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Entry and exit gates can be automated to elevate security protocols for wide passages. With slight foundation work, your business can have a superior security gate system allowing safe automatic control for pedestrians and vehicles. This innovative gate technology refines your access management system from the entry point. With multiple control options (like remote control, button or manual), this technology offers enough flexibility for your business to adjust on its own pace.


Sync & Secure’s Cold Chain Monitoring Solution allows user to track activity of their freezer. It displays Real-time location, Freezer door status and current temperature. Smart algorithm generates notification/alert in case of any abnormality in cold chain array.

Solution Features

  • Real-time Asset location
  • Freezer door status (Open/Close)
  • Temperature monitoring and alerts on high temperature
  • Allow user to enter thresholds on temperature
  • Customized area Geo-fence – Zone In/Out notification
  • Battery backup

Benefits to Customer

  • Saves electricity
  • Increase overall efficiency
  • Reduce monetary loss
  • Real-time tracking in case of theft/misuse
  • Yearly/Monthly/Daily activity report
  • Monitor multiple Cold Chain Systems on one platform.

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Sync & Secure’s smart trackers are used to track physical assets to know its current location and status. You can track your organization’s fixed assets in real-time through dashboard. Tracking helps in maximizing asset’s efficiency and minimizing losses.

Solution Features

  1. Asset real-time status
  2. Customized Geo-fencing
  3. Geo-fence zone in/zone out notification
  4. Lower administration cost
  5. Better accountability and cost savings
  6. Ensure Accuracy and Peace of mind
  7. Real-time monitoring of all above
  8. Weekly, Monthly, Yearly reporting
  9. Data Export to Excel
  10. Centralized Dashboard

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Sync & Secure’s Temperature Monitoring Solution measures from -40° to 150°C and displays real-time temperature and notifications with respect to the configured temperature threshold limit.

Solution Features

  1. Temperature monitoring
  2. Allow user to enter thresholds on temperature
  3. Alerts with respect to threshold
  4. Displays all systems on main page
  5. Battery backup
  6. Real-time Monitoring
  7. Logs and graphical representation of all above
  8. Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Reporting
  9. Data Export to Excel
  10. Centralized Dashboard for all Freezers

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S&S Dashboard is a centralized network monitoring and controlling framework, that is custom-tailored according to your smart business requirements. From data analytics to device management, S&S Dashboard is a one-window solution to providing a unified platform for all your smart devices. Our smart dashboard displays status and feedback of all connected hubs, sensors and associated smart devices that are a part of your smart business solution.

With real-time tracking and push notifications, we empower managers to reliably capture and analyze data insights through instant security alerts, efficient log maintenance, status indication and device feedback, data visualization and report generation. Our focused data analytics module efficiently saves data with minimal file sizes for portability along with graphical representation via charts.

24/7 monitoring resolves core issues of security vulnerabilities by ensuring transparency of business processes.

Our add-on device control and management feature boosts business performance and efficiency by combining data analytics with resource utilization and optimization. Remote management allows for wireless controlling of all devices from anywhere in the world. Sync & Secure believes in listening to its customers, providing unmatched client care through quick response time and quality support.

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S&S smart security offers fire and flood protection to organizations through the installation of smart safety sensors. These versatile sensors can be installed in all fire & water sensitive areas as well as defined security zones. Intelligent alarms are triggered in case of any security breach and send notifications in real-time.


Given the organizational security needs, S&S smart security system enables companies to combine various security elements (like smoke sensors, water leak sensors, gas sensors, contact sensor) and integrate them with an intelligent and highly compatible alarm system. This integrated alarm system is dedicated to provide your business with premium quality security, deter intruders and protect from financial loss or damages.


Refine your building security with S&S access management and control visitation, manage access of authorized and unauthorized officials to avoid intruders from entering restricted areas of your business. S&S access management safeguards that only authorized personnel have appropriate access to the facility, therefore streamlining administration, ensuring compliance and improving management efficiency.


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