Electrical Monitoring System (EMS)

Sync & Secure’s IoT based Electrical Monitoring System (EMS) aims to drive digital transformations across industries and households, electrical appliances and devices. We help you to maintain your power infrastructure more efficiently, driving reliability and controlling overall costs.

Our digital-enabled solution helps users observe equipment performance, assess how an asset is consuming energy, enable phase monitoring and early detection of underlying electrical or mechanical issues. The system’s real-time monitoring of all key electric parameters provides clients with valuable information on the operational characteristics of all electrical systems, ultimately leading to reduced energy costs, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Unlock value with EMS by transforming the performance of all electric utilities and appliances. Consult with us today and allow us to assess the power improvement potential in your facility!

We offer a 3-phase industrial grade Electrical Monitoring Solution which includes:


  • Real time monitoring of Apparent Power
  • Real time monitoring of Current in all phases
  • Real time monitoring of Kilowatts per hour
  • Real time monitoring of Power Factor
  • Real time monitoring of Real Power
  • Real time monitoring of Voltage in all phases
  • User defined limits for voltage and current
  • Real time alert notifications in the case of:
    • Phase Failure
    • Power Failure
    • Load Off-Line
  • Determine Unbalanced Load
  • Abnormal Electrical Conditions
  • Centralized dashboard for multiple Electric equipment/appliances

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