Energy Conservation System

Sync & Secure’s Energy Conservation System is a smart solution designed to curb rising utility bills for your facility, home or buildings by enabling process automation and operational efficiency for all electrical resources.

One way in which the system works is by automated scheduling and smart sensors. Enabling motion-based sensors will ensure that the lights or TV is automatically switched off after no movement is detected in the room. Also, enabling temperature-based automation will ensure that cooling and heating of rooms is managed with just a swipe of a finger. Our Energy Conservation System makes it possible to control all electrical devices efficiently and remotely via our mobile application on your smartphone.

The system also facilitates real-time monitoring of all electrical resources to bring optimum use of energy. A wide range of smart sensors are incorporated, detecting various useful parameters to ensure cost-cutting for users by making the choice to conserve energy at every step.

Our goal is to provide users with remote control to all electrical resources within their facility, allowing them to eliminate the inefficiencies that come with manual switching of devices and providing added comfort and convenience to their lifestyle.

Experience true Energy Efficiency today! Consult with us and learn how our Energy Conservation System can aid in efficient management of electrical resources of your facility.


  • Remote controls for electrical devices
  • Timer based scheduling
  • Temperature based automation
  • Motion based automation
  • Door based automation
  • Monitoring on mobile app and dashboard
  • Centralized dashboard/application for multiple systems

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