What services does S&S offer?

We offer three types of services; Automation, Security and Surveillance Solutions for home and corporate customers.

Where are S&S services being offered?

Sync & Secure is operational in all metropolitan cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

What is S&S Hub?

S&S Hub is our mobile application, available on Android and iOS platforms. With S&S Hub, you can control your home’s lights, appliances, surveillance cameras, arm or disarm alarm systems, and much more.

All you have to do is register onto the application and connect your Sync & Secure System.

What is Central Hub?

Central Hub is the heart of S&S smart home that connects to all RF and IR devices. It enables intelligent communication between all connected sensors and devices.

Does S&S Home Automation support heavy appliances like AC, Fridge etc?

Yes. S&S home automation solutions allow full compatibility with all your existing home appliances like refrigerator, air-conditioner, television, microwave, water motor and other similar devices.

You can control these appliances from your phone using our mobile application, S&S Hub.

How can I control my home appliances?

You can control your appliances, regardless of your location, from the app, S&S Hub.

Can I control my appliances using PC?

Yes, you can control your home appliances with your PC, smartphone and tablet.

Do I need internet connectivity?

Yes. It is strongly recommended to have an internet connection provided to the central hub. The sensors notify the hub of any notifications which are further sent to your smartphone.

To control the devices using S&S Hub, an internet connection or Data Plan on your smartphone is necessary.

What if there is no internet connection? Will all of my S&S devices stop working?

No, almost all of your devices will still be fully functional, even if there is no internet connectivity.

In case the central can’t find a stable internet connection, it will send security notifications to you via text messages. The SMS module is a backup program, so that you are fully aware of all activities within your home.

Do I have to buy all product or a package to avail S&S services?

Not at all. You don’t have to buy all products to avail S&S services. Sync & Secure understands that every family is unique and not every house needs the same solution. We offer customizable packages, so that you can decide which solution to pick, based on your personal choice.

Only the central hub is essential which is the foundation of a smart home.

Will I lose my S&S products purchased if I shift or sell my house?

No. You can dismount the devices and take them along, whenever.

If I lose my phone or it becomes corrupt, will I lose all of my settings/routines?

No. All of your routine configurations will be backed up on the cloud associated with your S&S user account. They will stay saved when you login from another device, but with the same user account.

Do I have to be in my house or close to my house to turn devices on/off or any other automation activity?

Not at all. You can check your home’s status, control devices and make changes, no matter what your location is. Our services are based on the vision of bringing the world to your fingertips. Since the devices are hooked up to a remotely controllable network, you can travel anywhere with your home in your pocket.

How does S&S services help save energy?

There are a number of ways Sync & Secure services help save energy.

Our smart lighting and appliances management system makes sure there’s no electricity wastage by switching off any unnecessary lights, fans and/or appliances. Mostly, increased electricity bills are due to unnecessary plugged in appliances or lights, which we forget to or are too busy to turn off.

Motion based lighting assists in saving electricity by automatically turning off selected lights, fans and appliances when you leave the house, and turn them on upon your arrival.

Scheduling helps to turn selected lights and appliances off as well, even if you don’t remember to.

You can shift to your custom defined energy saving mode, with the press of just one button, using our scene switch service. With our IFTTT function, your AC will automatically turn off when your room is chilled enough and doesn’t require more cooling.

You can also keep check that there’s no water leak with Sync & Secure’s water leakage sensor. The sensor can be placed in functional areas where there’s a high probability of water leakage like your kitchen, bathroom, pool area or near your water tank, dispenser etc. Whenever there’s a leakage, the device will notify you instantly on your phone, so that you can take appropriate action.

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