Fuel & Genset Monitoring System

Sync & Secure’s Fuel and Genset Monitoring System is an advanced solution for remote monitoring of everyday generator operations, providing maximum accuracy in measurements and enabling users to drive down associated costs and avoid possible fuel theft.

We enable gensets with our intelligent IoT systems to make them more efficient and durable. The Fuel & Genset Monitoring System enables precise determination of fuel consumption, real-time monitoring of engine operation parameters and alerts in case of abnormalities, ultimately improving the reliability of the genset as it enables predictive maintenance for the generator system. Also, you can easily identify fuel theft by comparing fuel consumption with actual power generation with our remote Fuel & Genset Monitoring System.

Consult with us today and learn how you can Maintain, Control and Monitor fuel consumption of industrial grade generator systems with our system.


  • Battery Backup
  • Fuel Cap (open) Alert
  • Fuel Tank level Monitoring and Capacity
  • Genset Battery Monitoring
  • Genset Door Status (Open/Closed)
  • Genset Running Time Monitoring
  • Genset Status (On/Off)
  • Genset Temperature Monitoring
  • Low Fuel Alert
  • Remote Genset (On/Off) Switching
  • Theft/Fraud Fuel Detection and Alert
  • Monitoring on Mobile app and Dashboard
  • Centralized Dashboard for multiple Gensets

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