RubiTron Labs (RTL) is a commercial outcome-driven research platform designed for students and fresh graduates to engage with latest IoT technologies, industrial IoT trends. RTL provides a research facility along with fundamental research tools to conduct research and contribute in real IoT projects being implemented in Pakistan.

This platform aims to transform the research process of IoT technology, and includes initiatives that allow students to explore how IoT technologies can be implemented in businesses which will improve business productivity and efficiency.

RTL research students can collect and connect information with a standardized research approach, employing data strategies, unbiased assessment of IoT products, testing of product samples, present findings plus recommendations as to whether to include the research product in the product/service portfolio and begin incubation.

Our Incubation Programme provides key performers of RTL the opportunity to showcase a bankable plan which, after successful authorization, will be carried forward into the project management process.


The students of Pakistan evolve as the most capable tech-preneurs in the world. They possess enough talent and capabilities, but require an encouraging platform to exercise their abilities and be mobilized to the right avenues. Sync & Secure with the association of RubiTron Labs, provides this technological platform to students, with adequate training, mentorship as well as an independent learning programme for them to instill their education in practical assignments and projects. Their contribution in research of various tech projects will play a major role in their ability to apply skills and learned knowledge to real-world market-specific scenarios.



Our 3-month training program is designed to provide a conducive platform to students to exercise their talents through generic and technical training in various disciplines. It enables them to gain industry knowledge and be given the opportunity to work with industry experts. The experience intends to provide valuable project based learning to trainees and develop business relationships for future prospects.


  • Mentorship opportunities for enhanced guidance and leadership
  • Diverse exposure to various business functions
  • Accelerated learning environment through job rotation within and across functions
  • Formal training to exercise their talents in an effort to choose a functional department
  • Indulge in real-time project’s research and development phase, and provide serviceable insights
  • Explore technological trends and breakthroughs by primary and secondary research
  • Achieve real-life context of business issues
  • Major performers shall be awarded with;
    1. Job Placement in the company, company group or industrial alliances
    2. Incubation Centre – Here, the company will build, operate and manage the bankable case presented by the key performers. The company will also provide partnership modality with ownership stakes in the project

After successful completion of the programme, the candidates will receive a completion certificate endorsed as Research Associate at RubiTron Labs.


a) Location: Lahore, Pakistan
b) Qualification: 3rd/4th Year Bachelor’s Degree (We consider Bachelor’s degree from all disciplines)
c) Keen interest in technology trends, innovation and breakthroughs
d) Skills related to research, writing and editing as well as an analytical mindset
e) Knowledge of research design and methods
f) Effective verbal and written communication skills
g) Knowledge of IT and IoT enabled environment
h) Effective project management skills and attention to detail
i) Go-to attitude and ability to meet deadlines
j) Multitasking and ability to work under pressure
k) Effective interpersonal skills, including maturity, and the ability to work independently as well as in a team


How to Enroll in RubiTron Labs?

Students interested in undergoing the programme can apply here and submit their cover letter, resume and a letter of recommendation.


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