Object Tracking System

Sync & Secure’s Object Tracking System aims to eliminate the difficulties that come with traditional approaches to asset monitoring and management.

Having sufficient critical asset information at all times will enable your business to reduce associated risks, costs and chances of theft. Our IoT-enabled Object Tracking System improves the visibility of real-time asset movement and allows users to monitor asset activity remotely via our mobile application and centralized web-dashboard.

Experience improved visibility on the current status, location, performance and health of your asset(s) via our consolidated Object Tracking System that ensures real-time monitoring, tracking & analytics for the related asset(s).

Our system is scalable and can be customized for your business scenario. Consult with us today and learn how you can manage your assets better with our Object Tracking System.


  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Customized Geo-fencing
  • Geo-fence zone in/zone out notification
  • Monitoring on Mobile app and Dashboard
  • Centralized dashboard/application for multiple systems

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