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Our comprehensive appliances automation services allow users to have complete freedom to automate their electronic appliances that are already being used in their home. Users don’t need to change their electronic devices and appliances to avail this feature. Sync & Secure makes sure that users can utilize their appliances to its fullest potential, with just a little assistance from us.

S&S Hub, our intelligent mobile application learns instructions of remotely controlled appliances like air conditioner and television, giving you the power to manage them with a single user-friendly interface.

Users can also program and schedule events for these appliances on the network. Time-related commands ensure that selected appliances turn on or off at a specified time of day.

Non-scheduled events make it possible to automatically turn off certain appliances when you’re not around.

Temperature Based Commands

App Control

Schedule Devices On/Off

Link Appliances

SnS Hub

Product Description

Enjoy the freedom to integrate all of your existing home appliances to achieve the best automation experience. This feature allows you to automate your existing plug-in devices and home appliances, regardless of which brand they are, and control them directly from your smartphone.

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