Automated Water Tank System

Automated Water Tank System


The system is integrated with our central hub to execute tasks automatically.

  1. Water sensor checks the water level of both overhead and underground tanks.
  2. If the water level in overhead tank is low, the sensors notify the central hub. The central hub checks underground water tank status. If there is deficient water, then the water motor will automatically turn on and fill the overhead tank.
  3. When the overhead tank fills up completely, the system automatically switches off the motor.
  4. In case that there is not water in both overhead or underground tank, our system immediately alerts you and will not switch the water motor on.

100% Shock Proof

Water Sensor

Prevents Overflow

Real Time Alerts

App Control

Schedule ON/OFF


  • Relieves customers from worries of having to switch the water motor on/off manually, and of course recurrently.
  • Prevents water overflow which ultimately saves water and utility bills.
  • Reduces threats of electric hazards caused by continuous running of motor.
  • Reduces chances of water motor winding to burn.
  • Allows compatibility to upgrade other rooms for automation.
  • Beneficial for tenants and landlords.
  • After sales support and On call support.
  • 1 Year Warranty of Equipment.
  • No electric wires mean no tension of electric current.
Automated Water Tank

Product Description

Automate your existing water motor to manage water consumption, control the motor from your smartphone or set a schedule and have the water tank filled by itself.

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