Door & Window Sensor

Our easy-to-install door & window sensor offers ultimate command over its use. Apart from it’s convenient installation procedure, it blends into any interior perfectly. This versatile sensor can be installed in all the critical places including bedroom doors, front and back doors, main gate, windows etc.

The door & window sensor is always on the lookout, and alerts you when any of your secured door or window opens. Security notifications are sent directly to your smartphone so that you don’t miss out on anything suspicious.

This sensor isn’t just meant for security. It can be used to automate your lighting system so that your lights automatically turn on as the door glides open.

Secured Access


Door Sensor Chime

Arm/Disarm Remotely

Product Description

Track changes and stay notified when any of your door or window opens. You can monitor and witness any change in their current status directly from your smartphone. These sensors are also designed to control lighting, curtains and other elements of your home. Your room’s lights will automatically turn on as the door glides open.

Product Details

Category Home Automation, Home Security

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