Indoor Surveillance

Indoor Surveillance

The indoor IP cameras are best home security cameras, have been carefully designed keeping in mind the needs of indoor surveillance. This camera offers additional features that align with more personal needs like dual side communication and 360° camera view. With 360° view, users can control what the camera sees and can get a complete view of room.

HD Surveillance
Live Streaming
360 degree

HD Surveillance

Our wireless home security cameras are best surveillance solution gives you a direct view of your home with virtual access and monitoring, so that you can check everything’s in place, while you’re away.

Live Streaming

S&S surveillance offers both mobile and PC view along with video management. Download S&S Hub App, and stream live on your phone in HD quality.

Network Video Recording

Our video solutions offer both Local and NVR recording. It allows simultaneous viewing of up to 32 cameras, which makes it  best security system.

360° Camera View

With 360° view, control what the home security cameras can see and get a complete view of rooms through indoor IP cameras.

Two way
SD Card
Event Based Recording
Day and Night Surveillance

Dual Side Communication

This two-way audio feels exactly like a real conversation, with zero voice distortion, empowering you to watch, listen and speak, freely. This is a true manifestation of your home, beyond boundaries.

Customizable Storage

With customizable storage, you can select any storage plan that fits your needs and requirements. Our surveillance cameras support storage up to 128GB.

Event Based Recording

With event based recording, video will be recorded when motion is detected, so you’ll never miss any critical moment ever again. S&S surveillance offers both Continuous and Event Based recording.

Day & Night Vision Mode

Our diligent IP cameras are ideal products for time scenarios. With day and night vision, you achieve a more detailed and clearer frame of view, for unparalleled image quality.


Product Description

Indoor surveillance needs are entirely different from outdoor. The require enhanced privacy but at the same time, the need to record critical moments in case of emergencies. S&S Indoor Surveillance includes more features that are essential to keep in touch with your loved ones. These cameras aren’t just best in quality, but also best in budget.

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