Smart Lighting System

Our smart lighting program always knows when to turn the lights on or off, saving energy and reducing your utility bills as well.

S&S smart lighting system gives you the power to control your lights and fans from our mobile app, S&S Hub. Using the app, you can manually turn certain lights and fans, on or off, without actually having to get up. This programmable features ensures that you’re completely in-charge, so that you can combine different lights arrangement to create an ambiance of your mood and preference.

With motion-based lighting, lights will automatically turn on when someone steps in the room, and turn off when there’s no movement.

Smart light scheduling assists in setting up custom routines. These are time-based commands that allow your selected lights to switch on, at the pre-configured time of day. Scheduling is a convenient feature as the lights stay on for as long as they are needed, and not a second longer. Home lighting automation is essential for homeowners who forget turning off all the lights while heading out!


Automatic Lighting

Touch Surface

Fan Dimmer

Light Scheduling

Motion-Based Lighting

App Control

Save Electricity

Remote Access

Intelligent Lighting

Product Description

With S&S smart lighting system, lights turn on the instant you enter the room, and turn off when you leave, making your home energy efficient. You can even switch the lights on or off, directly from your smartphone using S&S Hub App.
Now, it takes only a few taps to have perfect lighting.

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