Smart Sockets

Smart Sockets

S&S smart sockets allow an easy fix to automating your appliances. It’s the ideal plug to control your devices from your phone, with scheduling, remote control and status check. With the portable smart socket, simply plug-in your device in the socket and you’re good to go. S&S portable smart socket sits between the appliance you want to automate and  regular wall abb socket & switches.

You can even replace your existing wall abb socket & switches with a fixed smart socket, if you’re into that. If not, the portable one is just as good. Or if you like multiple sockets, the smart extension is the best choice.

After that, you can check device status and switch the device on or off directly from S&S Hub App.

Portable Socket
Fixed Socket




Wireless Control

Product Description

Instantly transform your plug-in devices and add intelligence to them using S&S Smart Socket. Control devices from your phone, anytime and anywhere. Forgot to turn the iron off? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

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