December 20, 2017


Home Automation

Take ultimate control of your entire house using Sync & Secure’s home automation solutions.

Our services allow your home to know exactly when to turn the lights off, switch scenes according to your mood, open the curtains when it’s sunny outside, and much more.
We offer a wide range of home automation solutions including intelligent lighting system, appliances synchronization, virtual access and control.

Add intelligence to your home, so that it knows what to do.

Home Security

We ensure protection of everything that matters most to you. Sync & Secure’s home security system guards your home from burglary, flooding, fire or any other emergency. Immediate notifications are sent to your smart phone in case of any alarm event, even without internet connectivity.
Our sensors with best-in class technology leave no hazard go unnoticed.

Home Surveillance

Our robust surveillance system is always on the watch for any suspicious activity or irregularity within your home. Sync & Secure’s equipment and personnel make sure that you and the relevant authorities are informed when any emergency takes place.

Enterprise Solutions

Our enterprise solutions entail efficient office automation system, user-friendly management interface, entrance access and control system and office security. We empower managers to keep track of every system on the premises.

Network Security

Our network security program is designed to facilitate multilayered protection and support interoperability. Our end-to-end network security provides right level of access to the right users. With Sync & Secure’s reliable network security, organizations can reduce potential risk, lower network configuration complexity and achieve better visibility of their network.

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