Street Lights Control System

Sync & Secure’s Street Lights Control System aims to bring intelligence and visibility in the street lighting infrastructure, making efficient management of energy consumption possible. The Streetlights Control System enables smart management of individual, group or system-wide network of streetlights, providing control of when and how brightly the streetlights should be lit.

Management of streetlights becomes easy in real-time via our application’s real-time alert capability, notifying operators in real-time about hardware malfunctions for cost-effective actionable maintenance. Operators can also respond in real-time to factors such as automatic light switching and targeted dimming, while monitoring all streetlight operations on a centralized dashboard or mobile application.

Consult with us today and learn how the streetlights infrastructure can function seamlessly and autonomously by transforming them with our IoT-enabled Streetlights Control System.


  • Lighting Segment Dimming/Lighting as per Traffic
  • Segment Control for 3 Dimming Levels & ON/OFF
  • User-defined dimming Timer
  • Manual/Automatic mode
  • Monitoring on Mobile app and Dashboard
  • Centralized dashboard/application for multiple systems

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