Tube-Well Monitoring System

Sync & Secure aims to revolutionize the traditional tube well into a system that is interconnected, intelligent and instrumented using smart technology.

The remote Tube-Well Monitoring and Control System enables real-time data collection from the tube-well on various parameters and key performance indicators. This knowledge can be used to drive analytics, uncovering tube-well performance insights and improvement opportunities, ultimately enabling plant managers to make informed and systematic decisions and thus, reduce operational costs of the entire plant.

The Tube-Well Monitoring and Control System includes integrated systems of Water Tank Automation, Water Quality Monitoring, Electric Monitoring and Security & Surveillance Systems.

Consult with us today and learn how your plant operators can save on everything from maintenance costs and energy usage, to operational downtime.


  • Fire smoke detection
  • Maintenance Notifications
  • Power Electrical Monitoring
  • Pump Electrical Monitoring and Control
  • Water Flow Measurements
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Water Tank Level Monitoring and Automation
  • Dashboard and Mobile App for Monitoring & Control

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